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What can I do if Pico-UTM destroyed a trusted file or blocked a trusted connection?

Since the packet may be similar to a part of viruses or attacks in rare cases, Pico-UTM would consider it as a threat. If Pico-UTM destroyed a file or blocked a connection you trust, you can add it into the whitelist by the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to Pico-UTM.

Step 2: Go to [Threats] and find the event in [Anti-Virus], [Anti-Intrusion] or [Anti-WebThreat] page. You may identify the event with the file name or IP address.

Step 3: Click [+ Add] button at the end of the event (in the last column of each row) to add it into the whitelist.

Step 4: Download the file or connect the site again.

Furthermore, you can also report this issue via our website:

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