Purify Your Network & Secure Your Connected Devices – Pico-UTM 100

Pico-UTM 100 is a superior network security product that can protect the network and relevant IoT devices of SB, SOHO and Smart Home, especially for micro-enterprises, e.g. clinics, small offices, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and franchise business etc.

Why we need a Network Security Product?

During Covid-19 pandemics , the working pattern has been forced to change from the office to the home. Most of workers and students have to work / school from home through the VPN network by using their own IoT devices. As a result, the primary need is to protect the internal network to keep it safe free from leaking any confidential information, and Pico-UTM 100 can do it.

Why we need a Network Security Product?

Pico-UTM 100 has comprehensive Network Security Protection

Destroy Malicious and Dangerous Files

Pico-UTM 100 has anti-virus feature which supports multiple file formats that most of malicious and dangerous files can be destroyed. With two scanning ways, local pattern match and cloud scan, it can precisely detect and catch the malware by efficient memory usage and protect users from viruses in real time through the daily update.

Destroy Malicious and Dangerous Files

Filter Malicious Websites

With the daily URLs update, Pico-UTM 100 is able to filter and block the latest malicious and phishing websites which are trying to steal users’ confidential information.

Filter Malicious Websites

Prevent Vulnerabilities and Intrusions

Pico-UTM 100 has IPS feature which is able to prevent common cyber-attacks, including botnet attack, ransomware, weak password, coin-mining, unpatched vulnerability, information investigation and so on.

Prevent Vulnerability and Intrusion

Configure inappropriate IPs and Ports

Pico-UTM 100 allows users to configure rules to deny or permit connections of specific IPs and ports to reinforce the network protection.


How Pico-UTM 100 works and makes a difference?

How Pico-UTM 100 work description
With patents of deep packet inspection technology, when Pico-UTM 100 inspects the content of packet, it can determine how to deal with the packet according to the content, the security policy, and the source or destination of the packet.

The difference of Pico-UTM is it is able to precisely catch and block cross-packets virus and malware through constant scanning rather than scanning packets individually.

Pico-UTM 100 is a solution of easy installation and setup.

Pico-UTM 100 is an easy plug-n-protect network security device which only needs to be installed between the modem and Wi-Fi router.

User Interfaces

Furthermore, it provides user-friendly interface so that users can configure the policy and monitor the status conveniently.

Where can I buy Pico-UTM 100?

So far, Pico-UTM 100 has been launched to EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.

“ Now, order it from here ”

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